Before All HELL Breaks Loose


Dana Oliver, Incorporator

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All HELL is going to break loose, and as many as 9 out of 10 small business corporations will fail to protect their owners when it does.


This marvelous little book exposes the deadly flaw inherent in small business incorporation and will snatch any serious entrepreneur from the abyss of inevitable legal ruin.


If you already incorporated, you should READ THIS BOOK. If not, you will want to READ THIS BOOK before you take that fateful step.


Dana Oliver is one of America's premier educators in corporate formalities for small business owners who use corporations or LLC’s. He is also the founder and CEO of INCORPACADEMY.COM, a unique online training and management system for small business entities. Dana has a passion for helping the "little guy (and gal)."


"FIX YOUR CORPORATION Before All Hell Breaks Loose" is the only solution of its kind to help small business owners quickly and easily make their corporations impervious to attack by power-obsessed IRS agents, greedy litigators, and other “devils”.


Dana explains why paper meetings and minutes are often nothing more than a travesty that promotes a false sense of security. But he then shows business owners a better way of managing their corporations.


Further, Mr. Oliver introduces and walks the reader through “The MAP Method,” the proven formula he developed that is helping countless small business owners across the nation take control of and master their small business corporations.


Dana Oliver


Author Bio:

Over the last decade, Dana Oliver has formed nearly a thousand corporations; he’s a rare breed of incorporator – what he dubs a "full-service” incorporator – which means he’s first and foremost an educator of corporate formalities.


His focus is not merely on "incorporating,” but on training clients to deal with a whole new realm of legal obligations incorporation thrusts upon them.


Mr. Oliver’s law school training and incorporation experience, combined with his entrepreneurial background as a franchise owner, real estate investor, business consultant, and founder and president of, makes him uniquely qualified to speak to the challenges of the typical incorporated small business owner.


Finally, Mr. Oliver has taught CPA’s, attorneys, and business owners his techniques and insights in various forums, from seminars to private consultations. Dana is the creator of The MAP Method, a proven formula he developed that’s helping countless small business owners across the nation take control of and master their small business corporations.

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“This book totally saved me. I was overwhelmed with my

corporation and no one would help, including the online company

that incorporated me. Thanks for writing this.”

~ Maryanne J.


“As a small business owner who has read a lot on this subject, I

was surprised at how much I gleaned from this little book. It was a

quick read and a breath of fresh air. I've read it twice so far and

intend to again.”

~ Harlan G


“How come no one ever told me these things

before? Great guide!”

~ Mark T


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